KSC handles business immigration matters. We counsel and represent businesses in securing Labor certifications for their companies as well as immigrant and non-immigrant visas for their employees. In addition, we assist citizens and non-citizens obtain work permits, green cards and citizenship based on family and fiance sponsorships as well as analyze whether clients might qualify for other forms of immigration relief.

The field of immigration law involves complex processes outlined in various federal statutes and regulations. These laws allow certain non-citizens to petition to either change or adjust their immigration status based on an employment relationship or a family relationship that they have with a legal permanent resident or a U.S. citizen. When the petitions are approved, these non-citizens will receive visas allowing them to stay for a temporary period of time as a visitor or employee, or for long-term residence in the United States. KSC handles a wide variety of non-immigrant and immigrant visa petitions, under both employment and family sponsorship. These include:

Employment-based non-immigrant visas, such as H-1B Specialty Occupation Worker; H-2A Temporary Worker; L-1 Intercompany Transferee; H and L Visa Dependents; EAD (Employment Authorization Document/Work Permit), as well as renewals and transfers.
Employment-based immigrant visas (Green Card/Lawful Permanent Resident), including prevailing wage determinations and Labor Certification from the U.S. Department of Labor and adjustment of status petitions.
Family-sponsored immigration, including immediate relative and fiancé visas, Green Card petitions, Citizenship petitions, Family Unity Program applications, and Adjustment of Status petitions, including those qualified for 245(i) protection and those requiring I-601 waivers for Consular Processing.

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